Advantage 7 Lime with White

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Mojo Advantage 7" - Lime / White / Grey
MOJO-Advantage Band - 7 inch Lime with White accent The holographic discs used in MOJO energetic wristbands are programmed to work with your bodies natural frequencies resulting to help you get the most out of yourself. Wearing Mojo holograms may improve balance, strength, flexibility, energy and focus. MOJO is not about wild claims of being a cure-all, the technology wont work for everyone, but there is plenty of feedback from people it has helped with a whole range of issues including joint and muscle pain, blood circulation, stress, endurance, and jetlag to just name a few. The benefit possibilities from wearing MOJO are endless because since no two bodies are alike, the benefits received are unique to each individual. MOJO Performance wristbands are embedded with holographic technology that has been used by elite athletes for years. Now, this technology is available for the rest of us! Wristbands: WHAT’S MY SIZE? The wristbands are made of surgical grade silicone and will stretch over your hand. They can be worn tight or loose depending your preference. As a rule, 90% of men wear a 8” band and women a 7” band. The 9” are for very large wrists.