Your Questions Answered

Can I Get My Mojo Wet?  

Yes, surfers and swimmers use Mojo.  Because of the surgical grade silicon properties used to make the bands, you can even wear them in the shower.   


Is Mojo A Magnet?  

NO, Mojo is not a magnet, nor are they magnetic in any way.  Magnets create their own electrical field, Mojo holograms use algorithms and frequencies that are  programmed into a piece of metallic material to tune your body’s natural  occurring bioelectrical field.  


How Does Mojo Work?  

Modern society has created thousands of electric/electronic based tools and toys that are designed to make our lives easier. These products such as televisions, radios, microwaves, scanners, wireless internet and cell phones (to name a few) call create electronic noises. The human body generates its own Bioelectricity, and it is used by our cells to communicate thoughts, trigger adrenaline, make any sort of muscle movement and even make our hearts beat!  All this is done through our cells using bio-electronic signals. The problem we face today is that just like the static on a radio is caused by electronic noise, so is the human body’s bioelectric field. So basically, all the electronic noise from today’s technology is causing our bodies’ static. Mojo contains algorithms and frequencies that aid the human body in filtering out the static bombardment that we encounter today.  


What Is The Benefit Of Wearing Mojo?  

Mojo allows your body’s natural cellular communications to function at full capacity! There are three simple tests that can show you the effects of Mojo immediately. Mojo has also been reported to help relieve joint and muscle pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate stress, boost endurance, and reduce jetlag to just name a few. The benefits from wearing Mojo are endless because no two bodies are alike meaning the benefits received are unique to each individual.  


What Age Do I Have To Be To Wear A Mojo?  

Anyone can wear Mojo.  


Is Mojo Safe To Wear?  


Mojo is not a drug or substance, nothing is being absorbed into the body, and no harmful radiation is being emitted. It will not interfere with any medical devices.  


How Long Does It Take For My Mojo To Work?  

The effects are felt immediately! You may notice better balance, strength, and flexibility after putting it on. Other additional effects can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to feel.


Can Only Horses & Dogs Wear The Patches?

No, any animal can.  However, Mojo Pet Patches were first used on horses and then dogs.  If there are any other animals that you have used them on then, we would love to hear about it.  So, if you have one on your pet cow or alpaca please send us a photo!